Create ISO with dd command

Here is how to create a CD-ROM ISO image using the dd command in Terminal:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/tmp/cdimg1.iso


  • if=”input file”, which in this case is /dev/cdrom, or reading directly from your CD disc in raw format.
  • of=”output file”, which in this case is the temp folder. You can also specify another folder in your Home directory instead.
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Convert DAA to ISO

DAA is a disk image format created by PowerISO.

Solution 1: Download the poweriso commandline utility, then use the following syntax:

./poweriso convert xxx.daa -o xxx.iso -ot iso

Solution 2: Use the daa2iso utility. Compile it in a Terminal with:



sudo make install

Syntax is:

daa2iso input.daa output.iso
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