Choir Practice Midi Player

This Midi Player has some unique features that were designed to help choir members and musicians “learn their parts”…

Choir PracticeThe Choir Practice program was designed to play back MIDI music files. MIDI music files contain mostly information about the notes and lyrics of a song, but they do not contain the audio information. Instead, they rely upon your computer’s sound card, or a MIDI-enabled sound source (such as an electronic keyboard) to generate the sound. This ensures that the files are fairly small. It also means that MIDI files can sound quite different, depending on what kind of hardware they are played back with.

This program was specifically created to be used with a church songbook that I worked on, so that the people using it could learn the songs (or their choir parts) quickly. To this end I prepared the MIDI files so that:

  • each voice (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) is on a separate track.
  • the songs play continually through up to 6 verses, with refrain.
  • the lyrics are available for each part.

The program fully supports the use of lyrics, via a scrollable lyric display, that follows the music, and a Lyrics window that has the entire text of the song. Also, the program allows the user to mute desired track(s). So, for example, an alto singer can listen to just the alto part of a song, or the alto and tenor, or the alto and soprano, or the alto and bass, or any combination of the parts.Other features include:

  • The Tempo (speed) can be adjusted
  • A song Position slider allows for quick movement to a specific place, or verse
  • Controls for Fast Forward, Rewind, and Pause
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Stop
  • A Mixer for adjustment of Volume and Balance of each Track
  • Customizable Settings for Instruments, Midi Output Port, Text Colors and Font.
  • A Time Display that can count time remaining, or time elapsed
  • Controls for the Treble, Bass, Midi Volume and Master Volume of the Window Sound System
  • File Reopen menus for quick loading of previously played songs

download Download the Midi Player here!

June 2010: Some folks have asked if it would be possible to get this Midi Player to work in Windows Vista or Windows 7. It has been years since I worked on it, and I am using Ubuntu Linux mostly, at this time. So there would be quite a bit involved: getting a newer version of Delphi (the programming language), correcting all the code for the 3rd party components I used (there were quite a few), and then trying to figure out what has changed in the system since Windows XP. Most likely I will never have the time for that. So what I am suggesting is the following:

1. Download VirtualBox.
2. Install it, and then make a new Virtual Machine for Windows XP. You will need a Windows XP install CD, which you can then use to install Windows XP into the Virtual Machine.
3. After Windows XP is installed and running in the Virtual Machine, you can run Choir Practice Midi Player in it. This works fine in Linux, and I’m sure it will work equally as well in Windows Vista or 7. Please make sure you have 2GB of RAM or better before you attempt this.

Here is a screenshot of Choir Practice running in a Windows XP Virtual Machine, under Ubuntu Linux:

Running in VBox

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