Convert AVI to DVD via Commandline

Firstly, you’ll need to download a few things:

mencoder (sudo apt-get install mencoder)
ffmpeg (sudo apt-get install ffmpeg)
dvdauthor (sudo apt-get install dvdauthor)

Now make a new file and paste this in:

## Movie - AVI to DVD Script
## Created by Paul (, 7th October 2007.
echo "Directory?"
read output_file_directory
echo "AVI file name for conversion?"
read input_file_one

cat $input_file_one > dvd.avi
mencoder -o finalmovie.avi -noidx -oac copy -ovc copy dvd.avi
ffmpeg -i finalmovie.avi -y -target ntsc-dvd -sameq -aspect 16:9 finalmovie.mpg
dvdauthor --title -o dvd -f finalmovie.mpg
dvdauthor -o dvd -T
mkisofs -dvd-video -o dvd.iso dvd/
echo "Now burn dvd.iso to a DVD"

Save that as dvd_script in the same folder as the AVI. Now open Terminal and use this command to go to the folder you just saved dvd_script in:

cd /path/of/movie/folder/

Then we can run the script. Type this in Terminal:


It should say “Directory?”, then enter where the file is, for example, “/home/user/movie/”. Then press Enter and put in the file name, for example, “themovie.avi” — now let it go. It should take some time, unless you’re on a computer from the future.

After that you can put “dvd.iso” onto a DVD with the program of your choice.

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