Convert TS (from Satellite Box) to MPG

Free-To-Air Satellite Receivers often come now with recording capability via a USB port. A Memory stick, or external hard-drive can be used as the destination for the recordings.

These recordings will be in TS format, which is fine for playing back on the Satellite Box, and can be played in programs such as VLC Media Player, but what if you want to share the file in a more common format?…or burn it to DVD? Here is one way to convert the file into an MPG which can be further converted into DVD VOB files with programs such as DeVeDe.

  1. Open to load the TS file. AviDemux will ask if you want to index the file…choose YES.
  2. Choose the Auto menu and pick DVD. Change “Source aspect ratio:” to 16:9.
  3. I also found it necessary to shift the audio, otherwise it was not in time with the video. To do this, make sure the checkbox by the word “Shift” under the Audio heading (at the left of the program window) is checked and enter the value of -700 (that’s what worked best for me…you’ll have to experiment).
  4. Click “Save” on the button bar, and give the file a name ending with “.mpg”.

If the video is an hour long, this could take a while, especially on a slower computer. The MPG can then be converted to DVD disc in a program such as DeVeDe.

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