Google Earth: Unusual Places

Here are some unusual places around the world that you can view in Google Earth. Just copy the coordinates and paste them into the Google Earth search box, then click the magnifying glass.

Animals/People (real or artistic)

White Horse (England): 50 39’26.33″N 2 24’14.92″W
White Horse #2 (England): 54 13’29.68″N 1 12’44.46″W
White Horse #3 (England): 51 19’16.60″N 1 45’23.86″W
White Lion (England): 51°50’53.85″N 0°33’14.59″W
Giant Rabbit (Italy): 44 14’39.33″N 7°46’11.00″E
African Market (Tanzania): 3° 0’8.02″S 33° 5’24.54″E
Herd of Hippos (Tanzania): 6°37’45.99″S 31° 8’13.00″E
Elephants (Chad): 10°54’13.66″ N 19°56’06.15″ E
Camels (Chad): 15°17’40.32″N 20°28’47.42″E
Herd of Oryx (Namibia): 24°57’18.60″S 15°51’30.61″E
Seals (Namibia): 18°26’45.45″S 12°00’44.20″E
Family in Boat and Flamingos (Mozambique): 21°50’35.09″S, 35°27’0.53″E
Shark shape cut into Forest (Australia): 31 59’20.53″S 152 34’18.47″E
Shark/Whale in Ocean (go back in Time to 12/30/2003 to see it) (California): 32°39’40.85″N 117°14’3.38″W

Man-made Art

Giant of Tarapacá (Chile): 19°56’56.75″S 69°38’1.96″W
Punch holes in shape of Grid (zoom in close) (Chile): 19 12’13.45″S 70 0’30.41″W
Spiderweb Roads (Argentina): 37°39’16.06″S 68°10’16.42″W
Triangular Shape (Peru): 30°30’38.82″S 115°22’56.14″E
Big Inscriptions (Peru): 17 58’20.55″S 70 14’12.89″W
Arrowhead Shape (Peru): 14 32’45.28″S 75 9’35.85″W
Line Shapes in Rock (Peru): 14 33’9.40″S 75 10’36.74″W
Finger Print in Park (England): 50°50’38.71″N 0°10’19.79″W
Trifid Crop Circle (Italy): 44°40’52.79″N 10°19’6.39″E
The word “BAR” (Spain): 39°49’21.77″N 3°28’44.50″W
Spiral Pattern (Egypt): 27°22’49.22″N 33°37’55.87″E
“Jesus Loves You” (Idaho): 43°38’43.17″N 115°59’36.24″W
Firefox-Logo (Oregon): 45° 7’25.87″N 123° 6’48.97″W
Star (Nevada): 37°24’1.66″N 116°51’58.85″W
Triangle with Circles (Nevada): 37°37’38.49″N 116°50’26.44″W
Circle Crops with Sprinklers (Nevada): 39°39’51.91″N 115°58’36.46″W
Smiley Face (Ontario): 43 25’44.69″N 80 19’52.01″W
Jesus Writing on Mountain-side (Mexico): 32°28’30.32″N 116°54’01.78″W

Strange Natural Formations

Apache’s Head (Alberta): 50 00’38.76″N 110 06’53.87″W
Ayers Rock (Australia): 25°20’38.21″S 131° 2’14.69″E
Gun shaped Lake (Belgium): 50°57’33.45″N 5° 8’37.33″E
Tsunami (you have to zoom in and spin to see this clearly…it’s a piece of beach and water that juts up like a mountain)(Portugal): 41°52’9.27″N 8°51’33.07″W

Unusual Architecture

Roof over Road (England): 51°24’36.51″N 1°16’24.05″W
Major Glare (Netherlands): 52°31’18.52″N 5°43’59.16″E
Cubic Houses (Netherlands): 51°55’13.39″N 4°29’25.41″E
Swimming Pool in Middle of River (Germany): 52°29’52.29″N 13°27’13.71″E
Yin-yang Garden (China): 40°10’6.77″N 116°10’26.44″E
Sunken/Beached Ship (Australia): 11° 0’27.89″S 136°45’20.20″E
Huge Radar Dish (rotate for 3D view) (Puerto Rico): 18°20’39.01″N 66°45’8.79″W
Potash Ponds (Utah): 38°29’0.12″N 109°40’52.78″W
Interesting Land Patch Colors (California): 37°28’43.61″N 122° 3’16.77″W
Google Headquarters (California): 37°25’20.41″N 122° 5’6.00″W
Swastika Building (California): 32°40’33.83″N 117° 9’28.36″W
Giant guitar (Hard Rock Cafe – Florida): 28°28’25.10″N 81°28’2.16″W
Rainforest Cafe (go to Street View) (Illinois): 41°53’33.14″N 87°37’51.35″W
Launched Missile in Flight (go back in Time to 4/6/2006) (Utah): 38°13’36.05″N 112°17’56.56″W

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