USB Microscope

USB MicroscopeA few years ago, in June 2010, I ordered a USB Microscope (DigiMicro 200X Zooming USB Digital Microscope). I chose this particular model because it worked well with Linux.

My son (Matthias) and I gathered some wild flowers from a nearby mountain, and then used the USB Microscope to take these pictures.

We had attached it to an Acer Aspire One ZG5 running Ubuntu Linux.

The snapshots were taken using “Cheese” (a webcam program). The image size was 1280×1024. We then adjusted the colors in Gimp. This was necessary because the originals had a definite color cast to them.

In Gimp, I think we used mainly the White Balance, Normalize and Stretch Contrast options under the Colors->Auto menu. Also under the Colors menu in Gimp, Hue-Saturation is helpful. Pick the color (Red or Magenta usually) that is too strong and tweak it down a bit.

For a $40 device, we thought the pictures were fairly decent. You can decide for yourself! Click on one of the pictures to enter slideshow mode:

2 responses to “USB Microscope”
  1. jack says:

    Do the led light up with linux?
    I have an older model and I have never been able to light them up (they do light up though in windows)

    • practic says:

      When we first got it the 4 LED’s were lit. At some point I think they stopped for a session or two, but now there are 3 out of the 4 that light, both in Windows and Linux. So I think in our case it is a hardware issue.

      Ours also has a feature where if you place the ON/OFF switch halfway, the lights are not so bright.

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